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[flv: 500 300][flv: 500 300]Andy Lau concluded the last two nights of his Unforgettable concert series with an all-star guest list: TVB 80s Tigers Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Carina Lau (also on behalf of Tony Leung), Rosemund Kwan, Liza Wang, and of course Idy Chan. Andy introduced “Hope everyone give a big hand to blissfully welcome my forever ‘Little Dragon Girl’ (SLL), one can never find a second Little Dragon Lady in this world, Lin Mui really has a true heart of SLL, a heart of gold.” Audience gave a thunderous applause and both embraced as Andy finished singing “Strong Love in Two Hearts”. For this special segment, both appeared in attires designed by “Blanc de Chine“, which made the reunion of “Gugu” and “Gor Yee” even more perfect with the white color signifying the traditional Chinese lovers. It’s been long time no see Andy joked if Idy has visited “Passionless Valley”. Idy replied “I’ve been in China rural for half a year helping poor children and teaching them mental well-being. But along the way through many different places, Andy has been contributed significantly, it’s just that people don’t always mention it”. Fans immediately responded with great applause to both. In the audience and/or backstage, besides his parents, there was also Cherie Chung, TVB General Mangers Virginia Lok, Stephen Chan, Mrs. Run Run Shaw, and many other big names.

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