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「我的光輝歲月」嘉賓:陳玉蓮(2009.11.30 – 12.04)
RTHK “My Brilliant Life”, special guest: Idy Chan – Interview segments:

Part 1: 2009.11.30 Idy talked about circle of life and death (ending with ROCH theme song by Teresa Cheung Tak Lan)

Part 2: 2009.12.01 Talked about enlightenment, self-discovery, and life experience in acting Little Dragon Girl and how others perceived her offscreen (ending with ROCH sub song by Teresa Cheung)

Part 3: 2009.12.03 Talked about the teaching of master, and the master (ending with song “滾滾紅塵 Red Dust” by 袁鳳瑛 Shirley Yuen – related clip)

Part 4 End: 2009.12.04 Talked about friends in the circle and life as going-forth (ending with song “憑著愛 Lean On Love” by Idy Chanrelated clip created by ModernMom)

Or Listening to complete interview below (Special thanks to Huyi)

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    March 28th, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Thanks, erin again for this audio.
    Now i can hear idy voice and my favo song of idy every day, anywhere, and your card funny, i love it, thank alot cause u always care to ayi Idy and her fans