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Idy Chan @ random blogs

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Wandering around the net (as usual) and I stumped upon these entries with Idy’s photos in them:

In October @ Dog Lovers’ Halloween ’09: view entry

In September @ Buddhist Charity Auction Dinner: view entry, with many others like Eric Tsang, Gilbert Lam, Maria Cordero, Edmond So (Grasshopper) and Winne Lau family, Wong Wan Choi, Wu Fung, etc…

In April @ 18th Drama Awards[related]: view entry

2009.11.23 HK Stories Epi. 9

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2009.11.16 HK Stories Epi. 8

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2009.11.02 HK Stories Epi. 6

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Idy Chan @ Louie Castro Concert

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Sources: TungStar / HK-Image / AppleDaily / GCMT / MingPao / TaKungPao / Oriental /
【16:40】2009年11月01日【 專訊】賈思樂昨晚音樂會尾場,老友毛舜筠、陳玉蓮、鄭裕玲及戚美珍等人捧場,嘉賓方面有小肥及杜麗莎,而與賈思樂相識逾三十載兼的露雲妮娜以神秘嘉賓現身,兩人感動得攬埋一齊喊,更三度「咀嘴」,場面感人。賈思樂接受訪問時表示給自己11分:「雖然滿分係10分,有1分係露雲妮娜畀我。」
Louie Castro aka Ka Si Lok’s “30th Celebration Concert” was held 2 nights ago on Oct 30-31 at HK Cultural Center. First night Alan Tam, Prudence Liew, Lo Hoi Pang & Soler were invited as performing guests. Andy Lau was discovered among the audience came to watch the show. When asked why Andy wasn’t invited on stage, Louie said he did and Andy replied that he may be too busy to make it, and sent many congratulatory words. Louie said “So I’m very happy to see him today, though he requested just to sit in as the audience.” On the se cond night, many of Louie’s good friends came to support him like Teresa Mo, Idy Chan , Carol Cheng, Jamie Chik, Jacqueline Law, etc. Guest performers were Terence Siu Fei, Teresa Carpio, there’s also Rowena Cortes, who has exited the circle for 21 years, also appeared unexpectedly and Louie couldn’t help with the teary eyes when seeing his old friend again.
Note: Visit Louie’s website and go to “Celebrity Comments” section and click on Idy’s name to see her comments on him and their friendship OR watch here:[flv: 500 300]