Idy Chan: I’ve been “going forth”

September 22, 2009 at 15:01

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Idy Chan in ROCH1983 as Little Dragon Girl, after 26 years, the image still carries deep in people’s hearts: cold, distant, yet also the image of Idy Chan herself. Can’t imagine this Ancient Tomb Sect’s legend has transformed to “peripatetic”, putting aside all the past feelings of over 20 years. Idy Chan said “I’m now a nun!”

The plan was Idy to return to Canada with her mentor to continue with self-cultivation study, however, the plan has changed. She’s been in Hong Kong and accepted to host RTHK series “Hong Kong Stories”. She interviewed people from all walks of life on their jobs and lifestyles, she’s been working hard like a true journalist, and it’s also her way to exercise her spiritual practices. [related]

Known for her reserved and quiet nature, this time Idy will talk about others in “HK Stories”. “Doing this project is so fun, it is to send out meaningful messages to the public, they are the stories of everyday heroism by real people, and it’s charity work for me. Some stories I couldn’t help but just laugh.”

“No Had Knowns, No Plans”

On talking about other people’s stories, Idy inadvertently deep talked about her beliefs, “I’m not superstitious, but I believe in God. All thing has its path and it’s you to decide. Especially if you decide to do something, then must put all your heart and soul into making it happen, there’s no second chance for anything. When one day you’re on sick bed and cry ‘If I had only known’, it’d be too late by then.”

“The plan of no plans” she shared her philosophy.

“Sometime ago I suddenly wanted to do a martial arts drama, and forwarded the ideas to TVB, they gave me an action costume drama. The script was ready as well as the time slot, then the company postponed the shooting. And my original plan to come with my master to Canada couldn’t be delayed, so the play never happen. Eventually I had to stay in HK because of other matters, so now I have a chance to do ‘HK Stories. So we can’t control things in life, no expectations, it’s a ‘impermanence’!” [related]

Improving Ideological and accept the reality

Idy worked with young staff and crew, and she’d ask the party “What’s the meaning of life?”. If the other party show interest in discussion, she’d be ready to share her thoughts. From “HK Stories” interviews, Idy led fellow reporters to the “twilight zone”.

“I used to work mentally disordered patients, so mentality is the target. I hope to lead others in the spiritual aspects of progress, change the idea of wisdom and growth. In particular, young people, their self-cultivation, cognition may be limited to any religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism … I want to tell them of self-cultivation is not a religion, is to improve the ideological and accept the reality. The purpose of self-cultivation is close truthfully, truthfully what exactly? Death is inevitable in life, but some people will not dare to face, we should learn to accept the reality. I also taught to be self-discipline and have consciousness, yet do not constraint yourself …”

Does not disclose who is her “master”

In recent years, “master” is often mentioned in all her interviews. Idy has followed her “master” in Canada, US, and mainland China. And for over 2 years, she was “closed door” from the outside world, and she’s now at “self-cultivation” stage. To most people, it’s just a mystery.

“We also use books as the master, I read scriptures, from Bible to Laozi, and following the path of wisdom. I’m open to believe that there are many different Gods. I’ve known ‘master’ for 10 years now, and it’s been 5 years into my practice. Master has disciples come from US, Canana, China, they’re all accomplished professionals, compared to them, I feel so little.” Still, no disclosing of who is the “master”

Adopting a young girl. [related]

“I had left the circle for a long time and the locals didn’t know who I am. I went online and downloaded some ROCH photos of Andy Lau and me as Little Dragon Girl. Master told me to show them to the students. We each picked a family to support, there’s this pretty and healthy little girl, we took her to Guangzhou and lived there like a family. It’s like temporary support of their lives. If any kids want to return back to their parents, we would just send them home. We instruct the children from academic study to spiritual teaching. Some people ask me why it has to be girl? To be honest I chose based on merit, she and I will spend a lot of time together in the future, so had to select a right person”

Love life is self-cultivation

Once in love with Chow Yun Fat, admired by Andy Lau, married to Peter Chan Siu-Moo but marriage failed [related], rumored to have homosexual relationship with advertising director Maisy Choi. So how is Idy Chan’s love life now?
“My love life is to self-cultivate. (So there’s no love life at all?) I’m now a nun. (Being nun means no more feelings? Putting aside all feelings in the past?) Being a nun means going forth, this question is actually very interesting. Let me me think about it before giving you the answer. I will need more time to really think about it, haha…”

Idy Chan has really enlightened with her practice.

Producer Albert Cheung praised how Idy takes the job seriously, putting her best in every story.

Starting September 28, Monday @ 7pm HKT, tune in aTV for new RTHK TV programs feat. Idy Chan as host for “Hong Kong Stories – Series 10”


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