on.cc專訊】 【15:42】2008年01月23日 陳玉蓮接受有線訪問,談到淡出娛樂圈十幾年,蓮妹直言沒有固定的工作表,只把握時間做一些平日不會做的事,好像「學賭馬」,陳玉蓮表示許多朋友都不信她會 賭馬,但她賭馬相當認真,不斷搜集資料,並將資料組織歸納,希望從過程中學習如何有系統地做一件事;而這十幾年間,蓮妹亦有宗教信仰,她表示希望學懂如何 超脫生死,將來不用再輪迴做人。

Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 accepted CableTV [i-Cable Entertainment News] interview, and talked about her years of fading out in entertainment circle. She revealed that she doesn’t have any working schedule at the moment and she uses the free time that she can’t do on ordinary days, such as “studying horse racing gambling”. Idy expressed that many of her friends don’t believe that she knows how to bet. But she actually is good at betting, and has been able to collect many materials to study, and hopes that through out the research can produce a systematic method [in horse betting]. In the past 10 years, Idy has also practice religious beliefs. She wishes to comprehend the concepts of life and death, and hopes in the future [next life] not to be human.