Idy Chan travels miles seeking successor

February 25, 2013 at 12:36

Sources: Sina / DYJY / Special Thanks JingMui for the translation

Idy Chan in AnHui, Going Miles to Seek Charity (Volunteer) Successor but Still No Luck

Previously filmed in the television series, “Return of the Condor Heroes” (Andy Lau’s version) as Siu Long Lui, Hong Kong actress Idy Chan arrived in Anhui looking for a volunteer successor. Earlier, Idy drove from Anqing to Hefei to visit a poor pair of sisters. During Chinese New Year’s 7 days, Idy has remained in Anhui, driving thousands of miles but still haven’t found a destined “pupil”.

Pupil requirements:

  • Teenage (10-19), preferably someone from an impoverished family
  • Parents do not have the conditions to properly take care of them
  • Oval (seed shape) face, pretty, docile personality
  • Laboriously going miles to seek a successor
    Evening news having provided an exclusive report that Idy Chan is looking for a volunteer successor, a wave of readers were able to successfully recommend a suitable “female pupil”. Therefore, Idy Chan from Taiyuan, Shanxi south to arrive in Bozhou to visit these impoverished families. “New Year’s Eve and the first day, I arrived in Bozhou, Lixin etc , saw a few families but still they weren’t suitable.” However she was not discouraged and continued south in Changfeng and Chaohu to continue to meet the enthusiastic people. “In Changfeng area, a pottery teacher, was very enthusiastic, and recommended a few of the local children, and I went to see them but at last, couldn’t agree upon it.”
    However, Idy says something good did come out of all of this. “While I was in Changfeng village, I saw the authentic common rural lifestyle, ate with them salted meats and village dishes. It gave me a deeper understanding of their life,” Idy said. While searching for a destined person, and having a taste of an authentic village life, “It is good for helping with the charity work.”

    Plans to continue looking for a successor
    February 14, Idy Chan according to original plans was to go from Hefei to Anqing to find her “female pupil” but one of the girl’s little sister fell ill, the entire family stayed in Heifei to treat her. As a result, Idy Chan returned to Hefei to meet the girl and to send some sympathy and funding for her little sister. “I have two female pupils with me, let them practice.”
    During Chinese New Year’s 7 days, Idy Chan has rushed thousands of kilometers, visited about 10 girls but due to the strict requirements to be a “pupil”, there currently hasn’t been anyone found suitable. “Next step is to go to Yunnan etc, if anyone in Anhui have recommendations, can send an email to”

    Note: Similar news back in November 2012 also has phone number as the contact point.


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      March 1st, 2013 at 3:19 PM

      is this( ) her personal email address??

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        March 1st, 2013 at 9:23 PM

        it’s email to inform her info on any girls who meet the requirements she’s looking for, esp. in China.