[TVB Greenroom: Watch] Idy Chan portrays Damian Lau’s second wife, though being his most favorite, she’s unable to let go of an old flame. Will she and Damian’s grow old together?

Looks like they’re wrapping up the filming in HK, and they will film in Shanghai next month. Also, they already finished filming the ending. From weibo posts, it’s going to be dramatic with some sad stories… Hm.. And the preview trailer, there’s lots of smacking and crying for most characters.. hic hic hic 🙁

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“Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Presented at 2012 FILMART

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Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, and Kenneth Ma as the representative cast appeared at the 16th 香港國際影視展 HK International Film & TV Market (FILMART) to show case new TVB series “名媛望族” with the English name of “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” (S4).
[flv:http://news.chanyuklinonline.com/2012/03/s4.flv 500 300]

Thanks Ben Wong for sharing this beautiful picture of him as 齊日輝 “Chai Yat-Fai” and Idy as 愛新覺羅·爾嫣 “Aisin Gioro Yee-yin” in S4.

Sources: TungStar / HK-Image / MingPao / AppleDaily / WenWeiPo / TaKungPao / SingPao / Next #1149 /
Over 150 artists of TVB’s popular program 《歡樂今宵》 “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” (EYT) gathered the other night (9th) for 《EYT好友會聯歡晚會》 EYT buddies reunion party.

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Note: Interesting facts that I’ve learned since seeing this photo shared by Mary Hon. His name is To Yin-Gor (杜燕歌), doesn’t ring a bell at all, right? Well, he’s pairing with Idy in a Taiwanese series called “紅粉佳人” (roughly translated “Pink Lady”). In real life, he’s Mary Hon’s husband, and currently filming TVB “War and Beauty II”

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