TVB Classic Drama: The Upheaval (1986)

August 4, 2008 at 22:40

TVB Classic reruns 20-episode The Upheaval 小島風雲 @ Weeknights 10:30pm HKT August 4 – 18, 2008

Cast 演員表:
Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 as Yip LING 葉玲
Ray Lui 呂良偉 as Yik LUN 易麟
Kenneth Tsang 曾江 as Chiu Chai FU 焦濟夫
Kathy Chow 周海媚 as Seung Kam CHU 商金珠
Wong Shu Kei 王書麒 as Yip Lap KWAN 葉立群
Joan Tong 唐麗球 as Liu Siu MEI 柳小眉

Plot: From a poor family, the ordinary Yip LING & husband were sold to Western Australia to work as slaves, thus get to know Chiu Chai FU, who then falls in love with LING at first sight. On one occasion, LING & husband found some valuable diamonds, they asked FU for help with the escape, unfortunately, the husband died during their escape. LING & FU each with their own diamonds settle in Hong Kong. The two later become the most influential and powerful bosses in various legit businesses to underground gang activities, and both evenly matched.

One time LING was shot & almost got killed but luckily saved by detective Yik LUN, LING starts to have feelings for LUN. During his arranged engagement, LUN meets the singer CHU in Macao and they fall in love. LUN has no feelings for fiancée MEI, calls off the wedding & begins to pursue CHU. At the same, FU is jealous over LING’s trust towards LUN, he tricks & frames LUN. To save LUN, LING starts the fights with FU, the triad upheaval begins…