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【18:34】2011年03月29日【 東方互動 專訊】 久未露面的「小龍女」陳玉蓮表示,多年來一直忙於內地處理慈善事務,現時有意再拍劇集,與觀眾見面。她透露正與內地商談拍劇。早前更與TVB商議,但要等到有適合的劇本。問到何謂「最適合的劇本」,她揚言最想拍打戲,古裝片亦不介意。


Idy Chan accepted as a guest on “Eva’s Guestroom” hosted by Eva Lai herself, which is part of aTV program “Enrich Your Lifestyle“. Eva originally wanted to invite Idy be on the show since last year, but because Idy was occupied with her charity work in many mountainous areas of rural China. Having been back to HK not too long ago, Idy kept her promise and agreed to come on the show. Also, Eva and Idy have formed a strong friendship ever since they worked together on “Stage Door Johnny” years ago.

Even though, Idy has been in rural and mountainous areas but seems to keep her skin well. Last night when she attended Ken Choi’s concert, the makeup artist asked if she’d be interested in being a spokesperson for their cosmetic products, she’s afraid that she won’t have to time for promotional functions, but will think of the offer. Last time attending Andy Lau’s concert was also her last minute plan upon her return to HK.

Idy also shared her interest in planning to act again this year in HK. Earlier she and TVB had a discussion on possible scripts. She prefers to play in a costume drama and would like to play a martial arts role because it’s more suitable for her. She recalled her uneasy feelings when holding hands with Damian Lau in “Catch Me Now“.

2011.03.28 Idy Chan @ Ken Choi’s Concert

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Ken Choi held 3-night concert series “全心支持蔡楓華演唱會All 4 Ken 2011” at the Exhibition Hall in Kowloon from March 26-28. On the last show, Idy Chan was among many good friends went to support him.
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2011.03.25 – Idy Chan wishes to act again

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【15:45】2011年03月25日【 東方互動 專訊】 「小龍女」陳玉蓮出席公開活動時表示,有興趣繼續拍劇,早前她特別跟無綫傾合作:「合約就唔會簽喇!不過睇有冇劇集適合拍囉!我想拍古裝武打片,我唔怕辛苦,以前香港古裝片最出名,依家就畀韓國同內地取代晒,希望我拍番一套代表作啦!(想同邊個合作?)冇諗呢個問題,唔好拍埋一齊太細個就得!」



Idy Chan and Prudence Liew were at the Grand Hyatt HK for the press conference of charity event “Warm Columbarium”. Asked if she’s aware of the charity concert “Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders” that will take place on April 1st to raise funds for victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami and will be telecast live from Victoria Park HK starting at 7pm, Idy said “I was in Mainland for work when the quakes hit Japan, and found out about it while on the internet. I haven’t heard anything from Artistes 311’s board on the details, but if I have time, I’d fully support.” [@AsianEU Idy also expressed that she has interest in shooting another TVB series. Earlier she especially went to discuss a collaboration opportunity with TVB: “I won’t sign a contract though! But I will see if there are any series we could collaborate in! I hope to shoot a costume martial arts series. I am not afraid of the difficulty. Before Hong Kong was best known for their costume dramas, but now Korea and Mainland took the spot, I hope to shoot another representative work! (Who do you want to work with?) Never thought of this, as long as the co-star isn’t too young!”] Yet, Idy also admitted that the idea is “of no interest to anyone “.


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The 1st Asia Rainbow TV Awards (aka Asia Emmy’s) Presentation Ceremony held on March 22 with attendance of many Asian film and TV stars: Cheng Pei-pei, Tsui Siu-Ming, Maria Cordero, Judy Ongg, Korean actor Oh Ji Ho, Idy Chan, Zhang Guoli, Korean actress Jang Nara (also as 1st Rainbow Awards Ambassador), etc., Kay Tse was also the guest performer for the event.

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The night before (Feb 27th) HH 17th Karmapa concluded his Hong Kong tour with a Thanksgiving dinner at HKCEC, Idy Chan, and friend Louie Castro were among the many celebrities attended the event.

ROCH1983 parody

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Just for some laughs: A short parody of ROCH1983 and a reference to Idy Chan in new TVB series “The Rippling Blossom” starring Cheung Chilam and Moylie Wu