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「我的光輝歲月」嘉賓:陳玉蓮(2009.11.30 – 12.04)
RTHK “My Brilliant Life”, special guest: Idy Chan – Interview segments:

Part 1: 2009.11.30 Idy talked about circle of life and death (ending with ROCH theme song by Teresa Cheung Tak Lan)

Part 2: 2009.12.01 Talked about enlightenment, self-discovery, and life experience in acting Little Dragon Girl and how others perceived her offscreen (ending with ROCH sub song by Teresa Cheung)

Part 3: 2009.12.03 Talked about the teaching of master, and the master (ending with song “滾滾紅塵 Red Dust” by 袁鳳瑛 Shirley Yuen – related clip)

Part 4 End: 2009.12.04 Talked about friends in the circle and life as going-forth (ending with song “憑著愛 Lean On Love” by Idy Chanrelated clip created by ModernMom)

Or Listening to complete interview below (Special thanks to Huyi)

This funky card is created by Sakura.

[This card was made in the holiday spirit and just for fun. No offense to anyone, including our beloved Idy!]