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The cast & crew of “Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊” attended the airing function for the series. Damian Lau 劉松仁 revealed that he talked with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 on the phone 2 days ago and that she’s unable to attend the function. However, earlier Idy did film a short video to show her support. With high ratings for D.I.E 古靈精探, Damian hopes that “Catch…” will have a good reception as well and if that happens, he will ask Idy to give him a kiss to celebrate. Additional translation @ batgwa.

[If I were Idy I would delay whatever she has to do in Canada and be in HK for these events. It’s way more fun and warm in HK now compared to the cold Canada, looks at her winter jacket. But that’s just me. Haha! Anyways, Damian is so funny on wanting a kiss from Idy, he must had convinced Idy really hard in order to have a hug with her in the series. The teaser clips of Idy look sad and dramatic.]

2008.04.16 Damian Lau waits for a kiss from Idy Chan

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劉松仁等蓮妹錫錫 專訊】 【17:25】2008年04月16日 劉松仁出席劇集《原來愛上賊》的宣傳活動,松哥戴上黑超加帽,有型有款,他打趣地說:「一年只得一日咁有型!」他坦言陳玉蓮不返港,故要獨力撐場:「蓮妹 (陳玉蓮)唔可以一齊宣傳,當然可惜,但有事做,冇辦法。」問到如果收視好有甚麼承諾,他笑說:「叫蓮妹來錫我,因為拍攝時,蓮妹又唔錫得、又唔親熱 得。」


Idy Chan is not in HK for the promotional function for the airing of “Catch Me Now” [Starting Apr 21]. Damian Lau said “Lin Mui can’t be at promotional function, what a pity, because she’s busy, nothing can be done.” On being asked if the series receives good ratings, how would Damian celebrate, he joked “Call Lin Mui to kiss me, because in the film she didn’t allow to kiss and no intimate scenes”

on.cc專訊】 【16:39】2008年04月16日 陳法拉以黑色Tube dress出席劇集宣傳活動,盡顯高貴性感,問她是否女主角陳玉蓮不返港宣傳,所以由她代表蓮妹襯劉松仁,法拉笑說:「希望襯到,因為松哥好有魅力,個個同佢合作都畀佢電親。」


[Indeed, what a pity that Idy isn’t in HK for these events, and as I expected. From the preview clips, Damian’s character looks very interesting and fun to watch. I expect Idy’s screen time will be not much, as she stated that Damian and “Mr. Ma” drive the show. Joe’s demeanor is very so serious, I guess because he’s trying to so hard to catch Damian, who seems very witty in whatever he does. Regardless, I’m so looking forward to see this series. Maybe this will turn me back into TVB mode again. It’s been over 3 years that I haven’t watched or rewatched any new and old TVB series. BTW, Catch Me Now’s official site has been launched at]

Discover5: Makeup artist Carmen Tse, who did the makeup for Idy in the Feb 2008 issue of Elle HK Magazine, praised that Idy is super nice & able to keep herself very good. Click here for Carmen’s blog entry on Idy.