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Yesterday “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道” cast & crew have outside scenes filming at Olympian City. Earlier Idy Chan Yuk Lin told that she wouldn’t act intimacy, scenes, Damian Lau Chung Yan laughing said “There’s way to make her act, if the script required, I believe we can discuss.”

Idy smiling responded to Damian’s leeway in making her playing intimacy “I don’t have professional principles, and I’m not a good actor, come out to act & testing the luck.” (Do you feel disappointed in Damian?) “Can’t say so. No need to feel disappointed. I’m in resistance on acting intimate scenes. Most of the time people making the rules, but also there’s others to drop them. Not necessary that one must coincide with 10 rules in order to be a good actor. Actually each actor has their own way, why has to go with rules by others, I have my own thoughts & ideas.”
Caption: Cheng Tse Sing plays Idy’s husband in the series, though having extramarital affair they end up getting divorced. Damian & Idy have different opinions but when working there’s talks & laughs, happy cooperation.

[I might not translate things correctly, but I feel that Idy seems to respond to the media with vague & confused statements. I hope there’s NO serious conflicts between them, Idy & Damian. Let’s hope for a really “happy cooperation” between them!!! Cheng Tse Sing may not look attractive & often plays “bad” persons on TV, yet he plays “good” guys in many RTHK radio dramas. He does have a very nice, warm voice as I listen to his RTHK program “音樂情人 Music Lover” for an hour M-F ]

Side Note: I happened to stump upon this blog entry with a photo of Idy [back in July] holding the small banner in protest against the demolition of Hong Hong historical landmark, Queen’s Pier. Read more information & battles between HK government & citizens here.

2007.10.10 Idy Chan’s rehearsal made into official shooting

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on.cc專訊】 【15:53】2007年10月10日 陳玉蓮繼續抱恙為《盜亦有道》拍外景,期間與拍檔劉松仁有說有笑。對於松哥稱讚她的演技未生疏,很快便進入狀態,蓮妹反讚松哥帶她入戲帶得好,正式拍攝時都當作是排練,令她心情輕鬆容易拍出好效果。
Caption: 陳玉蓮以採排的心情來拍戲,令她更易投入角色。Idy Chan Yuk Lin made herself in the mood to engage the role easily.

Idy Chan continues to shoot outdoor scenes for “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, at times she & Damian Lau Chung Yan merrily engaged with talks & laughs. Even though her acting is not yet becoming sharp, but Idy quickly entered the mood. Idy lets Damian leading her into the character. The official shooting is treated as rehearsal so Idy can easily engage into the role to bring out the good outcome.

on.cc專訊】 【15:53】2007年10月10日 劉松仁與14年沒有拍劇的陳玉蓮在商場拍攝新劇《盜亦有道》,他盛讚蓮妹演技未生疏,NG重拍的次數也不多,相信對方事前一定做足準備。對於蓮妹曾表示有「三不拍」,松哥也笑言自己有「三不拍」,就是冇錢、冇時間、冇好製作都不會接拍!
Caption: 劉松仁大讚陳玉蓮愈來愈入戲。Damian praised Idy for improvement in the play.

Damian praised Idy, who hadn’t acted for 14 years, on her performance, & there isn’t many outtakes [NGs]. He believes that Idy has well prepared. In response to Idy’s claim of “three NOs”, Damian said he has his own “three NOs” too, that is No Fee, No Time, & No good production, he won’t act!

[Looks like Damian & Idy are having good times in filming this series. They both look really young for their ages in these photos. I hope they will have more outdoor scenes for this series than the studio ones.]