2007.10.03 Idy Chan @ Sonija Kwok blog

October 4, 2007 at 11:01

[Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮‘s blog @ TVB] “A Beautiful Memory. ‘Strictly Come Dancing” stayed within me, however it’s not simple for this award, I can’t forget the dancing room. In the past month or so, I’d rehearse there everyday, pouring out all my sweat and energy. These photos showed no good mood? [referring to her dancing photos posted in this entry]. I actually like them very much.

And more, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to take photos with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 and Maggie Cheung 張可頤. They came to Hunan for “Strictly Come Dancing”. I have always loved Idy, she’s forever Little Dragon Girl – Siu Lung Lui 小龍女 in my heart. She recently made a comeback to TVB for a new series “Thieves With Principles (lit.) 盜亦有道”, what a pity that I have to go to Mt. Everest, so there’s no chance to work with her. Maggie is my old colleague, seeing her back with good health, I’m so happy for her.