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[It’s interesting that Alfred Cheung 張堅庭 queried Idy about her life majority of the time in this episode. They mentioned they did work together before, that is Alfred directed a movie in which Idy and Simon Yam 任達華 were in. Anyways, I still don’t understand how this game played, perhaps I need to catch an episode of US version on NBC to get an idea of the game.]

[TVB’s Deal or No Deal] [Nov 4th] Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 appeared as the contestant on episode 27 [of Season 2 or episode 2 of Season 3] at Hong Kong TVB version 一擲千金 Deal or No Deal. She won the deal of HK$44,000 (~ US$5660).

[Download raw RMVB via BT here. I watched the “moment” clip on TVB website and not sure when this episode was filmed or it’s a live episode, but Idy’s voice was still hoarse and she spoke at low pitch. I just hope Thieves With Principles 盜亦有道 wouldn’t be her first and last TV series for her comeback, because its filming seems to take a toll on her. I’m kinda aware of the US American version of Deal and No Deal, but never actually see it so don’t really understand the game.]